Romanian Cash Rebate

Tax rebate is 35% of the eligible Romanian spend. Additional 10% of the eligible Romanian spend under the conditions of promoting Romania explicitly and in a prominent way through the locations used.






Type of productions that can benefit of cash rebate

SERVICE PRODUCTIONS with the involvement of a registered Romanian film production company, based on a service agreement • CO-PRODUCTIONS, either European or other international with financial and/or creative participation of a Romanian co-producer, based on a coproduction agreement • ROMANIAN FILMS • All films shall meet the cultural test criteria (“cultural product” eligibility test) which follows the usual European cultural tests. • All film categories qualify: short and medium fiction films, television series, films intended for direct video or internet distribution or any other type of support, artistic documentaries, animation movies; • No theatrical screening requirements, no completion or delivery requirements.

Procedure for submission, selection of projects and payment

The application form needs to be registered in order to obtain an Applicant’s Certificate indicating: the registration number received on the application form; the amount of eligible expenditure under the claim form; maximum approved state aid. On average the whole procedure from filing the application until issuance of Applicant’s Certificate takes around 35 days. Upon completion of the production, within 20 days from the last expenditure made on the territory of Romania, but no later than 2 years from the issuance of the Applicant’s certificate, a request for payment of state aid is to be filled accompanied by an audit report certifying the amount of eligible expenditure actually incurred. On average the whole procedure from filing the payment request until effective payment takes approximately 130-160 days

Romanian Cash Rebate System

• This state aid scheme has a multi annual character and runs until 31 December 2020, covering a maximum of 45% of the eligible expenditure of film production performed on the territory of Romania. • The state aid granted under this scheme consists of non-reimbursable financial allocations. • Minimum Romanian spend: a) 20% of the total budget of the project without exceeding 80% of it. b) the total amount of eligible expenditure in connection with the implementation of the project is at least 100.000 Euro. • Cap per project: 10 million Euro as maximum value of the state aid • Annual fiscal budget cap 233 million lei, equivalent to approximately 50 million Euro.

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We are an independent production company based in Bistrita, founded by Florian Zapra the director and founder of Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival.

Not only Dracula! Romania is blessed with all kinds of landscapes, from the seashore and alpine environments to forests. Romania’s architecture is also outstanding, with vestiges from the pagan days, ancient ruins, castles and fortresses. All these have been largely appreciated by the international film industry.

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